The 4th Period of Chaichefang Sonata vs Teana Both Have Their Merits

2012-03-24 Zang Yang 中文版 held the release meeting of the 4th Period of Chaichefang in Tsinghua University on March 24, 2012. The car models deconstructed this time are Beijing Hyundai Sonata and Dongfeng Nissan Teana.They are three-box medium-sized cars oriented at family users. How are their internal processes? Are they cost effective? Are their safety guarantees adequate? The 4thPeriod of Chaichefang of will answer these questions.

  Part 1 Deconstruction

  I. Front of Body Structure: Two cars are almost the same but their materials are different.

  Sonata score:4.5 points

  Teana score:8 points

  The front bumper structures of Sonata and Teana are identical, with the outer layer being plastic, interlayer being foam plastic and the inner layer being metal bar. The difference is that Sonata’s metal bar is made of steel while Teana’s is made of aluminum alloy. (Aluminum alloy has a high cost but its strength and hardness are inferior compared with steel. However, in case of collision, aluminum alloy inner bar can better protect the safety of pedestrians, and therefore, a higher star level is given to Teana. )




Bumper shell thickness

3.5 mm

3.0 mm

Foam plastic buffer layer



Space between metal bar and ground

490 mm

480 mm

Metal bar thickness

1.4 mm

2.1 mm

Space between compartment cover and engine

90 mm

101 mm

Space between compartment cover and battery electrode

84 mm

105 mm

It can be seen from the table above that two cars approach each other in self-safety protection and pedestrian safety protection.

The materials of the front metal bars of both cars are different: that of Sonata (lower) is made of steel while Teana’s (upper) is made of aluminum alloy.

Front metal bars of Sonata (lower) and Teana (upper)

  Conclusion: In terms of only the front part structure, Sonata and Teana have no essential difference. But Teana’s aluminum alloy bar has a much lower strength . Though it can better protect pedestrians, the car body can not be better protected.

  II. Rear Part of Body Structure: Sonata has no protection steel beam.

  Sonata score:2 points

  Teana score:8 points

  There is certain difference behind the rear bumper shells of the two cars. Though there are installation holes for metal bar at the rear of Sonata, no metal bar has been installed and only a non-metal beam is adopted. Teana has a metal bar. The common place of both cars is that there is a buffer layer composed of foam plastic in the rear bumper shells.

  At Sonata’s rear, there is non-metal beam and also installation holes for metal bar.

  At Teana’s rear, there is a steel beam with foam plastic buffer layer.

  Conclusion: It is learnt that there is a steel beam at the rear of Sonata of North American version and this is why there are installation holes. But we are unable to verify it. However, non-metal beam also needs cost and it seems insufficient to conclude that the manufacturer has reduced configuration.