GAC Gonow’s future plan exposed, to release new models

2013-10-18 David Shen

  China International New Energy Auto Show was opened in Beijing National Convention Center on Oct. 17, 2013. Zeng Yehui, deputy general manager of GAC GONOW Auto Sales Company disclosed GAC Gonow’s future plan for new cars, including and GA series new cars.

  Plan of new Null turbo-charged versions

广汽吉奥 星朗

  Null is the first compact MPV model under GAC GENOW, which is available in 1.3L and 1.5L naturally aspirated engine options. Zeng Yehui disclosed at the media communication meeting that this model will release 1.3L and 1.5L turbo-charged engine versions, which are expected to be put on market in 2014.

  GA series new car plan

  Zeng Yehui also disclosed at the media communication meeting that GAC GONOW will set up a GA series production line, which will give birth to one compact car and two SUV products. The compact car will be designed by GAC Research Institute and is to debut on Guangzhou Auto Show, which is to be held in November this year, and to be put on sale in 2014. The naturally aspirated engine version will be first released and the turbo-charged engine version will be released in the late period. Of the two SUV versions, one coded as 6470 is positioned as a cross-country SUV and expected to debut this year and the other is positioned as an urban SUV and expected to debut in 2014.