More application information of Brilliance-BMW Zinoro to formally debut on Guangzhou Auto Show

2013-11-17 David Shen

  Zinoro, a Brilliance-BMW’s new proprietary brand, already debut on Shanghai Auto Show this year. According to the exposed information of Zinoro in MIIT application, the car will formally debut during Guangzhou Auto Show.

华晨宝马之诺更多申报信息 广州车展发布

  Zinoro 1E has an appearance style designed basically by reference to BMW X1. Its front face is similar to that of BMW X1 but the details such as front air-inlet griller and lower inlet have been adjusted. Zinoro 1E’s air-inlet griller does not use a dual-kidney griller and its fog lights are integrated with the front bumper. The car side style is similar to BMW X1 in using the same five-spoke hub and waistline design but it does not have the roof luggage rack and bumper anti-friction plate that are configured in BMW X1. Its tail adopts chromium-plated decorating bars and vertical tail lights. In terms of car dimensions, Zinoro is similar to BMW X1 (4477/1798/1577mm) and has the same wheelbase.

宝马 宝马X1

  As to power, Zinoro will be of pure electrical type and carry an electric motor with a maximum output power of 170 HP. Its curb mass is 1970kg and its top speed is 130km/h .

  Zinoro model will be of pure electric type. It is learnt that Zinoro 1E will carry an electric motor with a maximum power of 170 HP (125kW) and a lithium iron phosphate battery. Zinoro model will be sold only on Chinese market by dealers without direct relation with BMW.

  Conclusion: Though Zinoro’s first edition is built based on BMW X1 and will share components between them. But its cost will not be necessarily lower. As to the positioning and sales price, will pay continuous attention.