"China wants to become a technologcal leader, without its own native car industry China cannot achieve this dream. As a person working in the Chinese car industry, without any change in the industry we cannot compete."——WangChuanfu

BYD was established in 1995 and now encompasses IT, Automotive and New Energy industries. BYD is the world's largest manufacturer of batteries with mass production of Nickel batterier and mobile phone batteries. In 2003 BYD moved from IT into the automotive industry and quickly became the fastest growing Chinese domestic car manufacturer with leading edge electric car technology. BYD has developed and created solar charging stations, energy storage stations and pure electric vehicles which are leading towards a new revolution in the new energy industry.Currently BYD has established production facilities in Guangdong, Beijing, Shanxi, Shanghai, and Chandsha as well as offices in America, Europe, Japan, Korea, India, Taiwan and Hong Kong. BYD currently has over 180,000 employees both in China and internationally. BYD is listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange with two companies, BYD Share Holdings and BYD Electronics(1211.HK and 0285.HK), in July 2011 BYD returned to the A stock market.BYD is continuing to work on its"Build Your Dreams" belief with BYD employees striving torward to make the belief into a reality.

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