Zhejiang Geely Holding Group is one of the top ten automobile manufacturers in China. Since entering into the car market in 1997, Geely has been developing rapidly through flexible management and unremitting independent innovation. The total assets has exceeded RMB 100 billion (including Volvo Cars Corporation), and that makes Geely one of the China’s top 500 companies for nine consecutive years and top 10 auto manufacturers for eight consecutive years. Geely is recognized as one of the “Most Innovative Enterprises in China” and “Complete Vehicle Export Base in China”. Geely sold a total of 432,000 units of cars in 2011. Headquartered in Hangzhou, Geely has complete vehicle and powertrain manufacturing bases in Linhai, Ningbo, Luqiao, Shanghai, Lanzhou, Xiangtan, Jinan and Chengdu. in Australia, We have the R&D center and a manufacturing factory from Drivetrain Systems International (DSI). We have more than 30 car models under three product brands - Emgrand, Gleagle and Englon, as well as a full range of engines from 1.0L to 2.4L and manual/automatic transmissions to match with them.

Geely has established a complete domestic sales network comprised of nearly 1,000 4S dealers and service stations. We also have nearly 200 sales and service outlets in overseas market. We have invested tens of millions of yuan in building a first-class call center offering 24-hour services to customers in China and we are a marketing leader in setting up SAP-based ERP management systems and after-sale service information systems to meet customer demands and process market information in a responsive manner. Geely is a pioneer in new marketing initiatives is the first car maker to sell cars online. Up to 2011, Geely has a total user base of 2.2 million in China and is recognized as a famous brand.

Geely has made huge investment in establishing Geely Automobile Technology Center and Geely Automobile Research Institute in Hangzhou and Linhai of Zhejiang, and built up strong capacity of developing complete vehicles, engines, transmissions and automotive electronics. The original active safety technology BMBS (Blow-out Monitor and Breaking System) has become a recommended standard for cars in China. With a 45.3 score from C-NCAP, Geely Panda is regarded the most safe small car. Emgrand EC7 got a four star rating from Euro-NCPA and is China’s first car to achieve this, marking it a milestone in safety technology improvement in China’s automobile industry. Emgrand EC8 got a record breaking 49.6 points from C-NCAP and outperformed a host of foreign brands in its category. The independently developed 4G18CVVT engine, with power output of 57.2kw per liter, is up to leading standards worldwide. The self developed Z automatic transmission filled the gap in domestic automobile field and won the first prize for progress in automobile science and technology. With over 5,300 patents, including over 400 patents for inventions and over 30 international patents, Geely is honored as national level “corporate technical center”, “postdoctoral workstation” and “high-tech enterprise”. Geely has over 18,000 employees, including over 2,300 engineers and technicians, three academicians, dozens of foreign experts, and doctors, hundreds of masters and senior engineers. They are backbones of Geely’s future, playing significant roles on all fronts of Geely’s R&D efforts. Geely has invested hundreds of millions of yuan in establishing universities and colleges such as Beijing Geely University, Hanna University Sanya College and Zhejiang Automotive Technician School, which have enrolled over 40,000 students and transfer nearly 10,000 graduates every year to China’s auto industry and the society. Commissioned by the Society of Automotive Engineers of China, Geely has established Zhejiang Automotive Engineering Institute. It is China’s first graduate school cultivating automotive engineering masters and doctors. In November 2011, the first group of postgraduates obtained degrees.

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