Chexun's Journey - Keep Moving Forward was founded in 2008, formally known as Chemayizhan automobile website. After making outstanding achievements in car dealership sales channel and consumer group buying field, Chemayizhan re-branded itself as Since then entering the online vertical field of automobile media which has the most market potential. has won the trust of our users through our high-quality content. Since the website's formal launch on 16th of Nov. 2010, has been keep gaining more and more user attention. On Oct. 2011, formally entered the growth fast lane, our PV increased by 40 times during 9 months and created a growth miracle in the automobile internet industry. Now has an average daily PV exceeding 40 million, and a peak at 113 million. Hence successfully became a top tier internet automobile media. In the second half of 2012, also became a top 10 internet automobile media. Starting from 2012, invested heavily in mobile internet, striving to be the number one mobile automobile platform in China.

Our Core Values - Be the Most Trustworthy automobile Site has always put our users first, firmly holding on to the "With Attitude, With Character, With Idea" media qualities. Our core content direction is guided by professional knowledge, rigorous attitude and distinct view. Combined with mobile internet products, creating a number one automobile mobile platform. At the same time, we actively listen to the feedback from our users, rapidly providing our users with leading content and internet applications.

Creating professional, objective and creative orignal content. Enable our users to "Buy Wise, Maintain Wise".

Chexun's Channel "Chaichefang", with our "Independent, Fair, Open" values, and the idea of "Car review from various angles and comprehensive perspective", has won the trust of our vast users. Chexun at our own expense, purchased the hottest competitive model of cars. With full support of automobile experts from Tsinghua University, we video recorded our dozens of disassemble procedures on these cars, provided intuitive and thorough interpretation on all aspects of the cars. Chaichefang uncovered the essence of the product for automobile consumers, truly allowed our users to "Buy Wise, Maintain Wise".

We have an editorial team with great influence in the industry. With our objective buying guides, professional reviews and expressive video content, we continuously lead the development of internet automobile industry, and successfully built various outstanding channels such as New, Reviews, Guides, Price, Video, Interaction, etc.

Chexun values the importance of development in automobile maintenance field. We released the "Car Maintenance Review" product, with "Most Subjective Review, Lowest Price" as our guidelines, actively expanding into the automobile maintenance market, and provide our users with excellent services they need after purchasing the vehicle.

We possess a professional technology platform and sense of innovation. Chexun continues to build innovative products, rapidly develop mobile services. Represented by the release of "Car Buying Guide" mobile application product, we strive to provide more and more users with mobiles services, connecting the whole process of "Selecting -> Buying -> Maintaining" for our users and becoming an indispensable tool in the everyday life of our users.

Diversified Marketing, Creating Accurate Automobile User Base is committed to the further development and comprehensive alliance of interactive automobile marketing. We have content cooperation with over 200 life style and driving school websites in 23 provinces including Guangdong, Hubei, Hunan, etc. in the country. Through our strong media cooperation, Chexun is able to cover the most direct potential car buyers: driving school students and hedonistic white-collar crowd. While satisfying the needs of our precise user base, Chexun built strategic cooperation with over 150 web based media, over 40 main stream and local print media, over 30 magazines, dozens of TV stations and automobile TV shows in the country.

Activly Expanding, Over 50 Branches Covering the County

At the moment, Chexun has set up 40 branches in major cities, they cover the core second and third tier cities in the country. Every branch has a professional team, tasked with gathering information and provide the local users with these abundant and targeted marketing information. Hence providing support to allow the automobile manufactures to provide more localized services and support based on the local market situation. "Dealers' Buddy" is Chenxun's internet interactive marketing platform product which targets automobile manufactures and dealers. The product built an efficient channel between the businesses and consumers. This mature marketing model has provided services for over 3000 dealers, and on average provided 300,000 effective online vsitors, 10,000 offline enquirers, about 10,000 sales leads and about 20,000 effective orders every month.

Driving the healthy development of the industry is our corporate responsibility

As a member of the automobile internet, we are shouldering an important corporate social responsibility. Promoting energy saving and emission reduction technologies, aiding the development of local owned brands, serving as a bridge between consumers and businesses are our important corporate responsibilities. We are willing to try our best, working with our users and industry elites, to maximize contribution to the development of China's automobile industry.

People-oriented, Value Every Member of the Team

Chexun values every member of the team, pay attention to employees' well-being and development. We provide our employees with internal and external training opportunities, fair and good competing mechanism. We build fine office environment and harmonious work atmosphere. Based on these, as a member of the automobile internet, Chexun is committed to provide our contribution to the healthy development of the industry.