The 9th period Chaichefang:Excelle GT PK Bluebird Sylphy

Excelle GT Pk Bluebird Sylphy: big cultural difference

2014-05-14Bi Si

The 8th period Chaichefang: Forester PK New Santa Fe

Both Forester and New Santa Fe are reasonably-priced urban SUVs.


The 7th period Chaichefang: Mondeo-Zhisheng PK Accord

A war between American auto stlye and Japan auto style


The 6th period Chaichefang: Focus PK Sagitar

Focus PK Sagitar, Compromise to the cost


The 3rd Period of Chaichefang Qashqai vs ix35 Quality Is Not Optimistic held the release meeting of the 3rd Period of Chaichefang in Tsinghua University on Feb. 18, 2012. The destructed car models in this period were Beijing Hyundai ix35 and Dongfeng Nissan Qashqai. They are two hot-selling urban SUVs. How are their internal processes? Are they cost effective? Are their safety guarantees adequate? What are their performance and practicability results? The 3rd Period of Chaichefang, will give the answer to these questions.

2013-11-27Yang Shuo

The 2nd Period of Chaichefang Wide Gap between Tiida and Golf

Chaichefang---”The 1st Automobile Deconstruction” event was initiated by in Dec. 2011. According to the plan of one period per month, held the release meeting of the 2nd period of Chaichefang in the Auto Laboratory of Tsinghua University on Jan. 14, 2012. The deconstructed models in this period are Dongfeng-Nissan Tiida and FAW-Volkswagen Golf. The most test and deconstruction operation was carried out by the experts and professors of Department of Automotive Engineering of Tsinghua University.

2013-11-26Yanfang Yao

The 22nd Period of Chaichefang Deconstruction report of Lacrosse CC and B70

Welcome to the new episode of monthly Chaichefang, this time we will deconstruct 2 models of joint venture and an independent model.


The 5th Period of Chaichefang

Headquartered in Beijing, was established in 2008 as a professional automobile website. In 2011, began to run Chaichefang column, which buys two hot-sell cars every month fully at its own expense per month, deconstruct them jointly with Tsinghua University and display to consumers what is behind their gorgeous appearance.

2012-04-22WenQian Zhang

The 4th Period of Chaichefang Sonata vs Teana Both Have Their Merits held the release meeting of the 4th Period of Chaichefang in Tsinghua University on March 24, 2012. The car models deconstructed this time are Beijing Hyundai Sonata and Dongfeng Nissan Teana.They are three-box medium-sized cars oriented at family users. How are their internal processes? Are they cost effective? Are their safety guarantees adequate? The 4thPeriod of Chaichefang of will answer these questions.

2012-03-24Zang Yang

The 1st Period of Chaichefang analysis of Cruze and Civic

Chaichefang ——“The 1st Automobile Deconstruction” event sponsored by on Dec. 17, 2011, has attracted wide attention. From Dec. 2012, Chaichefang column will release an issue every month. In each period, two hot-sell batch-manufactured car models that are bought by fully at its own expense will be deconstructed. The whole test and deconstruction process will be carried out by experts and professors of Department of Automobile Engineering, Tsinghua University, and the test report of each period will be published . The car models deconstructed in the 1st period of Chachefang are Civic of 9th generation and Cruze. Let’s see the deconstruction results .

2011-10-17Chengbin Liu